Jan 20, 2021

Hello Quilty Friends…

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be doing a new Block of the Month for 2021!… Yup! And it’s going to be a 100 block challenge…. (at least for me lol!) Does that sound crazy? I certainly hope not… I mean, what’s the fun without a challenge? So… here are the deets…


  • 100 Block Patchwork Sampler
  • Begins February 1st 2021
  • Join in any time
  • Each block will measure 6 1/2″ unfinished, 6″ finished (in the quilt)
  • 10 blocks each month, for 10 months (Feb 1 – Nov 1) = 100 blocks total
  • Each set of 10 blocks is available on the first day of the month. (Feb-Nov)
  • Blocks will be made using a variety of techniques: pieced, applique, English paper piecing
  • In November we will talk layout options and wrap up in December.
  • PLUS!!! I’m sharing videos each month!

I have been wanting to do a 100 block challenge for some time and even though I think it’s a lot for me to bite off… I have to face the facts… I love deadlines, and what better than a self imposed deadline to get the job done… (gulp) lol

I was thinking maybe I was nuts to take this on… I mean, life has already been so crazy this past year! But I need a little positive energy, and this quilt a long could prove to be just that!! So that’s why I’m calling it the Positive Energy Patchwork Sampler… We all need to lift each other up during these times, so let’s give each other a little positivity, sew some blocks and go to our happy creative place.

I’ll be working right along with you this year… making blocks each month. Some will be quick pieced blocks, but there will be a couple other techniques mixed in. Definitely some applique and possibly some English paper piecing… personally, I’d like to do the applique blocks by hand (simple shapes!) but you have the option to use your method of choice (of course!).

How Do I Sign Up?

Please read this entire post and then…. Click the Sign up button to join in…

The cost of the entire program is $64. This is a one time fee that covers the cost of the program including all the block patterns, finishing instructions, the videos and the forum that will host our quilt-a-long and community. No fabric is included in this cost.


What can I expect after signing up?

Things will be different this year so please read carefully…

After your purchase, your membership in the quilt-a-long will be approved. Your membership access will begin on February 1, 2021. This year, all the pattern downloads and videos will be in one place for you to access! Yay! I will only send emails as a reminder when there are pattern updates… on the first of every month (beginning February 1) but you can go to the site any time (day or night lol) to access the pattern information.

What is different this year?

As mentioned above, I am moving to a membership site so we can all be together and able to access all the content in one place! This means a lot of back end work on my part… so please be patient with me as I navigate this new site. I have tested it and it looks amazing, so I am super pumped… but there will likely be a couple bumps and hiccups along the way, so let’s keep things positive (like quilters always do) and have some creative fun!

OH! And bonus…. there’s an App that you can download to your mobile device if you like your content right there at the click of a button!!!! So sweet! I’ll tell you all the deets when we get going in February!

Can I sign up at any time?

Yes, you can sign up any time! You will have access to all the content to date. Work on the blocks on your time, at your pace. This is your quilt journey, no worries or deadlines for you!

Will I be charged monthly?

No, the sign up fee is a one time charge that covers the entire series from start to finish.

How will patterns be delivered?

As I mentioned above, the patterns and video will be released monthly on the first of the month. Beginning February 1,2021 you will be able to access the first set of block patterns. Please note… I will be filming the videos myself and they will be informal in nature, reviewing the blocks for the month with tips or techniques I used to complete them. (I’m not a video professional lol… but I will absolutely do my best for you!)

Will every block be different?

Yes! There will be 100 different blocks!

How much fabric will I need?

Good Question! I will talk about fabric with members in February, but working from your stash is certainly an option.

Please note : Fabric requirements will only be given for each individual block and will be listed within the individual block pattern.

The fabric requirements will also be given for the setting/finishing instructions at the end of the quilt-a-long.

Will you be posting progress?

Yes, I’ll post photos and progress inside the membership community area, as well as on instagram. I will also post a couple updates here on my site.

How else can we follow and share?

I will post progress on instagram @ rebeccamaedesigns using #100quiltblocksampler.  And also on the rebeccamaedesigns facebook page. As a bonus, this year there is also a community forum inside the course that you will have access to for sharing photos or asking questions… yay!

What if I have questions before signing up?

If you have questions please ask on this post or email me at rebeccamaedesigns @ gmail .com

What piecing methods will be used?

I will be using a variety of methods, but mostly straight piecing, some English paper piecing and some applique.

What will be the size and layout of the finished quilt?

The layout will be similar to the layout of a traditional 100 block quilt with 6″ finished blocks, 2″ sashing and a 6″ border and will measure 90″ x 90″. I plan to offer this layout with a full 6″ fabric border or perhaps a pieced border. In either case the 100 block quilt will finish at roughly 90″ x 90″ or 94″ x 94″ (if I include a 2″ inside border).

I also plan to offer another layout that will require less blocks but I’m undecided as to what that will be at the moment… I will share that progress as we work through the quilt-a-long.

Will there be prizes??

YES! We have some exciting sponsors and prizes! 

I hope you’ll join me!

Use this button if you’re in!!!

See you in February!!


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