Love & Peace for Ukraine - Quilt-A-Long

Apr 22, 2022

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Hello Quilty Friends!!

As you know, the refugee crisis from Ukraine has not subsided, and I feel compelled to do something to help...  I'm asking you to join me in a quilt a long to support Ukrainian refugees, because we can make a difference to those in need.

I will be hosting the #peaceandloveforukraine QAL to begin on April 29. This will give you time to gather supplies (listed below). I am ready to host this QAL and do some good, and I hope you will join me! I have chosen to set up a UNICEF donation page for this QAL.

Now, if you don't know me, I'm Sherri... HELLO and WELCOME! If you DO know me, you know that (sometimes) I am a bit of an 'emotional quilter' (sigh) lol... meaning I use words in some of my quilts as a way of documenting, releasing or expressing... my thoughts and emotions. My new Love & Peace quilt pattern is a perfect example. I began making this quilt shortly after the crisis began in Ukraine.

Love & Peace Quilt made in Alison Glass fabrics

For the Quilt-A-Long we will be making this quilt in Ukraine colors and I will be offering the instructions right here, as a fund-raiser for UNICEF. I will be posting on each Friday during the QAL to get this quilt done asap! All I ask is that you please make a donation to UNICEF, using my links in this post. This QAL is on the honor system. Please donate what you can. I know quilters have the biggest hearts and every little bit helps!!! Donate the pattern price of $12 or more! Whatever you can do to help. We can collectively make a difference. We are always better together.

This graphic shown above is an example of the blue and yellow quilt we will be making. I will be giving you the sewing and cutting instructions based on this blue and yellow version. This quilt is a generous 72" x 84", close to twin size. The pieces are large and go together relatively quickly and it is great for the ambitious beginner as well... all hands on deck! 

What can you do to help?

  1. Donate here to this Ukraine QAL at  UNICEF!

  2. Quilt with me! We begin right here April 29th! 
  3. Help me spread the word! Please print the Love and Peace flyer to share with your guild and quilt friends and also share using the button image below. Please remember to use all the hashtags listed! #loveandpeaceforukraine #quiltersforukraine
  4. Donate your completed Love and Peace quilt to #wrapukrainewithquilts (see video above and info below) And print and share their flyer too!!



For your convenience - go here to download the supplies list.

Try to stay as best you can to the Ukraine colors. For both the blue and yellow (lights and darks) the contrast between the lighter and darker color should be visible but it really does not need to be as strong of a contrast as mine. This image above shows the fabrics I am using. In hindsight, my lighter yellow doesn't have the best contrast against my white background fabric as it could, but it is was readily available in my local shop. We do the best we can!

FABRIC KITS ! Love and Peace quilt for Ukraine 

If you don't have these colors, my quilt friend Julianne from in North Carolina has put together some bundles you can find here. The bundles include everything you need for the top, and binding too!


I have teamed up with Gina and Beth over at They have started a wonderful Wrap Ukraine With Quilts effort to distribute quilts directly to the Ukrainian people. Not only are they working on efforts to ship these quilts, they have thought of a genius way to register your quilt. You can download and include a QR code to track when your quilt arrives to them and it can also be scanned by the recipient of your quilt to enter a thank you message to you via the code! It is an amazing program... and if you have a completed quilt that is ready to ship (twin or smaller in any colorway) you can do that too!!! I will post more information on how to donate, how to label your quilt and the links to register your quilt as we move forward in our QAL. I will definitely be donating my Love and Peace quilt to this cause. Be sure to watch the interview video at the top of this post! And go Here to download the Wrap Ukraine in Quilts informational flyer, to get the collection address, share and learn more about the program.

I'm sew excited to show our support and love for these children and refugees! 

Please Donate for this QAL here: UNICEF

See you April 29th!

XO Hugs, 



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